Difference Between Pram and Stroller – Difference, Similarities & Meaning

Last Updated on December 3, 2020

A rivalry between pram and stroller is a massive fight for every parent before making their final purchase. To solve that, we need to know the similarities and differences between a pram and stroller; well, here are some.

Main Difference Between Pram and Stroller:

This is a real comparison between baby strollers and pram, have a look!

Fully ReclinedUsually not fully reclined
For LayingFor sitting only
For InfantsFor kids above 3 months till 3 years
Has large canopy covering the whole pramHas large canopy covering till knees
Has large canopy cover the entire pramHas large canopy covering till knees
Usually does not come with safety harness and beltHave harness and belt
Is hard to foldEasy folding
Not ideal for long-distance travelSuitable for long-distance travel
Only have one basketHas storage basket and extra pockets
Has big dimensionsSuitable dimension
Reversible seatNot reversible seats
Does not have swivel wheels and suspensionHas swivel wheels and suspension
Does not has a footrestHas footrest
Two different typesSix different types


  • Four Wheels.
  • Have brakes.
  • Padded Inside.
  • Have a storage space.
  • Adjustable handle.

Now that you know the difference & the similarities, you should be aware of what they are.



What is pram? it is a four-wheel vehicle for kids and was used earlier, by mothers in the victoria era and became even famous by the latter half of the 1900s. The word pram is driven out of the word perambulator.
Many people confused themselves with the medical term.

Both are different as P.R.A.M is Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System, the medical term. The definition of the second one, according to Google, is “a four-wheeled carriage for a baby, pushed by a person on foot.

Pram buggies has two different types.

Tandem: A Tandem pram is one single pram.

Double pram: Double pram is two in one pram or two-seater pram.


Stroller Meaning? According to Google,” chair on wheels, typically folding, in which a newborn baby or young child can push along.

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A stroller is a four-wheel vehicle in a seat form. It’s a one-hand push vehicle and is mostly suitable for mothers who like to shop but have babies. Even when you are not shopping, just going outside and have a child above three months, then the stroller becomes a lifesaver as your child stays put and relax while you roam around.

The stroller has six different types:

Double stroller: A double stroller is two one strollers made for twins.

Jogger stroller: Jogger stroller is a lightweight stroller made for parents who like to run and have kids to look after. They mostly have a light frame and air-filled tires.

Travel stroller: Travel strollers are for those parents who like to travel. They have a car seat stroller with them and are lightweight and easy to fold.

Umbrella stroller: Umbrella strollers are mostly lightweight. They do not have padded seats and are comparatively cheaper than other strollers.

Standard stroller: They are full-size strollers and are made for your child to grow into it. Such strollers are designed to uphold car seats as well.

Stroller frame: It is just a frame, and you can attach a car seat stroller to it.


With this information come various questions. Here is the answer to a few of your questions

Which is better, stroller, or pram?
Each one is good in its way as pram allows your baby to lay down while you take them on a trip. In comparison, a stroller is a seat for your 3months child to sit comfortably while you stroll.
When should I buy a stroller?
There are different types of strollers for various events, e.g., you should buy a travel stroller before traveling, a jogger stroller if you are a runner. In general, you should buy a stroller for your child when he starts sitting without any support, mainly when they are three months old.
Should babies lie flat in the pram?
Yup, a baby can lie down in the pram. Pram is made for infants, and it is hardly possible that a child of that age learns how to sit.
Why are strollers so expensive?
The price of the stroller depends on which type of stroller you buy. In general, they are expensive because of the features in them. The seats are padded, reclining, harness, and many more.
Do you need a pram and a stroller?
Yes, it would help if you had a pram or a stroller, depending on your child’s age, as it is hard to move around with your child in your hand. It is also dangerous in a way as kids jump and move a lot. While you are holding him/her and they start bouncing, they might fall.
At what age can a baby use a pram?
Starting from birth till they start sitting without support, which is around 3-4 months.

In Strollers Vs. Pram, what we’ve figured out both are very useful for parents in their way. There might be a few differences in them, but that is just because they are made for different ages. But at last, both become a valuable part of your life and an excellent ride for your child.

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