Best Strollers for Disney 2021 – Disney Approved Strollers

Last Updated on November 27, 2020

When traveling with a child, what will make my trip easy and comfortable to Disney? For starters, a friendly and comfy stroller should be your priority. Well, you don’t want to carry your sleepy child and roam around on buses. You need the best stroller for Disney 2021.

One might ask, “Which stroller should I buy for my trip to Disney World”? Before buying, it’s not just the stroller we should keep in mind but also the Disney World policies and what kind of strollers they will allow.


As many questions arise, here are answers to a few frequently asked questions:

Should I bring a stroller to Disney Land?
It is not compulsory but is recommended. Otherwise, you might have to rent it from there, which is shockingly expensive.
Can I rent a stroller from Disney Land?
Yes, you can. They do provide you with a few umbrella strollers for rent. All that you need to do is ask them for such a facility while booking the room. They deliver it to your room and take it back when you leave. But it is preferred to take your own because they are pretty expensive.
What sort of strollers are allowed in Disney Land?
Any stroller, which is 79cm wide and 132cm long. There is no specific brand or color to look for.
What type of strollers are banned in Disney Land and Why?
Stroller above 79cm wide and 132 cm long is not allowed. This is to prevent overcrowding and to make space for every tourist. It also helps avoid accidents such as falling and walkovers (stepping over each other).
What is the maximum weight for a stroller to take to Disney Land?
50 pounds is the maximum weight.
Should I bring a stroller for my 6 to 7 years old child?
Yes, you can. It will help you carry your sleepy child around.

Best Stroller for Disney 2021:

Now that we are familiar with Disney’s policies, let’s glance at a few strollers suitable for a Disney World trip. These are the best strollers for Disney Land in 2021, which we have reviewed.

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black
Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller, Millennium
GB Pockit Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller in Capri Blue
Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Side by Side Stroller
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultra-light Jogging Stroller, Black
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller
Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller
Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller
UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Pascal (Grey)
Besrey Lightweight Airplane Stroller Compact Buggy

summer 3dlite convenience stroller

1. Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller, Black

  • Reclined able seats.
  • Easy fold.
  • 43 inches tall.
  • Zip able canopy.


  • Padded and reclined seats.
  • Tall, Lightweight, & Easy Folding.
  • Adjustable Canopy.
  • Can be maneuver easily.
  • Cupholders included.
  • Affordable in price.
  • Large basket (Underneath)


  • Some of the users says that seats are thin.
  • No window in the canopy.

Large Space:

As a mother, we all experience a so-called trouble “lack of storage,” and it’s a nightmare when you can’t do it.

The 3d lite convenient stroller saves you from such a nightmare. Under the seat, it carries up some space, which isn’t less than a treasure chest. Not just that, there are other pockets as well, which are designed primarily to keep your mobile and wallet safe.


Five points harness, along with the shoulder strap, making a comfortable environment inside the stroller. What makes it even better is fully reclined seating, so your child can easily rest, and in a way, it keeps your child in a good mood because kids tend to be joyful when their comfort zone is not hurt.

Easy to carry:

One of the best things about this stroller is that it is portable. And what makes it portable is, firstly, it is lightweight. It weighs like 12lbs so that you can carry it around.

It’s easy to fold as well. It can fit into the trunk of a car or even on the back seat. Easy fold helps with a storage issue, as sometimes when you are traveling, you have less space to manage your stuff in, especially when you are traveling with a child. With this stroller, you don’t face such a problem as it can fit anywhere!

The only problem you might face while storing it is that it’s tall, but being tall comes with ample other benefits that such small issues can be ignored. Because it is 43 inches in length, people with considerable height can maneuver in easily.

Its height also affects its space inside, as more size more space inside the canopy. This tags, along with another benefit that your child can grow into it, which ultimately saves your money as you can use the same stroller for a long time.

Furthermore, the convenient strollers have a tight and strong strap, which means you can even hang the stroller, and when your child wants to run around, you can fold it and carry it on your back. Your back won’t even hurt because it weighs like only 13 pounds.


3D lite wheels can handle tiny bumps but not all of them, especially on rocks, but if you’re on a plane surface, the ride is smooth. This baby stroller has a swivel locking feature that allows you to lock the tires, so you’re sure that your child will not slide away. Such a feature can help you when you’re waiting in line to buy ice cream at Disney land.

Large Canopy:

Even though the sun is a great blessing, but sometimes it’s too bright for a sleepy child. Well large and zip-able canopy is a blessing in disguise. You can adjust the canopy based on the sun’s direction, but the only problem is that even though it is a large canopy, there is still no window in it.

It is not a massive problem as you can adjust the canopy a bit high, and sometimes because of a window, complete sun protection cannot be provided. So I guess it is not so much of a big problem.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

Yes, you can take a 3d lite convenient stroller to Disney World. First of all, it meets the requirements as well as the restrictions of the Disney world, as they don’t allow big strollers. One of my favorite things is that it is lightweight and portable and not a huge job to carry around.

Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller, Millennium

2. Baby Trend Range Jogger Stroller, Millennium:

  • Steel framework.
  • Padded seat covers.
  • Locking swivel wheels.
  • 5 point harness.


  • Affordable in price.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight.
  • Large & Stable wheels.
  • 2 Cup holders.
  • Footrest included.
  • Large canopy.


  • Small Pockets.

Large Canopy:

The thing which makes a stroller is the canopy. Mostly when we go for stroller shopping, it is one of the major things we look for. Well, Range Jogger Stroller has a large adjustable and expandable canopy to keep you safe from sunlight. It can also be adjusted depending on the direction of the sun.

It is strong and widespread that creates a comfy environment in the stroller, even in Disney world’s open atmosphere.

No Compromise on Comfort:

Baby Trend made sure not to make any compromise on your child’s comfort zone. The seats are papped and reclined so that your child can have full support. It is great to have a padded seat as it makes a good backrest and helps create an excellent posture of your child’s back.

It is a bit unbelievable that your child can sit straight and yet be comfortable.

I mean, they aren’t soldiers. But amazingly, it is possible thanks to baby trends.

People used to stay long enough at Disneyland park, but some babies can’t sit in a stroller for like hours and might suffer from a leg cramp. As an adult, we can express our feeling but kids cant. To prevent such problems, this stroller has a pre-installed extended plastic footrest for kids, which can also be useful in many other aspects.

The harness in this pram or stroller is 5 points, so your child stays safe and sound.


Rubber tires, with shock suspension, provide a smooth bump-free ride. However, it is not recommended to stroll it on rocky plains. My favorite thing is the swivel breaks because I think it is the safest feature a stroller can have. Because sometimes, you may receive an important call, and while taking, you accidentally lift your hand from the stroller. At this time, these breaks hold the stroller back.

Extra Space:

While going to a park like Disneyland, every mother prepares herself for the worst possible situation and needs extra space. Range Jogger Stroller comes with excess space in the basket as well as in other pockets. Just a reminder for super moms, the basket underneath can only carry weight up to 5 pounds, and the pockets can carry a maximum weight of 2 pounds because we don’t just want to be prepared but also smart.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

Yes, Range Jogger Stroller is highly recommended for your theme park journey. It meets all the requirements and Disney Land stroller’s policy. Most of all, it is smooth to maneuver and has a lot of carrying up space, which is suitable for traveling.

gb Pockit Stroller, Capri Blue

3. GB Pockit Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller in Capri Blue:

  • Aluminum frame.
  • Rear parking brakes.
  • 3 point harness.


  • Portable & Lightweight.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Adjustable back.
  • Easy Maneuver.
  • Padded handles.
  • Foldable.


  • No canopy.
  • Thin seats.

When going on a trip, everyone looks for packing stuff, which is essential but does not take too much space. When traveling with a child, a stroller is a basic necessity and can’t be ignored. In such a case, the Ultra Compact travel stroller can be the right choice.

Firstly it is lightweight; when holding, you won’t even notice as it weights like 10.6lbs. It has a Guinness world record of 2014 in the most compact stroller.

If it has that, how can we question its portability?

One of the most significant parts is that after folding, you can put it under the car seat, or inside the cabinet, etc., and it will not peek out. after all, it’s in the name “the world’s smallest folding stroller.”

Is there a compromise on comfort?

No! There has been no compromise made on comfort as seats are padded to provide perfect back, and even the safety belt is padded. A padded safety belt is sort of a blessing in disguise as the pads cover the chest of your baby and protect it from cold air.

The harness is only 3 points, which can be ignored as to how much can be given to you in this small size. One extra feature added for parents or whoever strolls it is that even the handles are padded. It is a useful feature as they help your grip become stronger and your hand does not slip.

The back of the stroller can be adjusted so that your child can grow into it. But sadly, this stroller’s recommended age is only up to 6 months or a child who weighs like 55 pounds.

What about the canopy?

Sadly, Ultra-Compact does not have a canopy. It only has one flat pad at the top, which is the only sun protection this stroller can give you.


GB did win the game when they designed such unique rubber tires. They are easy to maneuver, which gives you a smooth ride, and they also have suspension to ease down small bumps.

It has lockable front swivel wheels and the most interesting fact that they have a rear braking system that can be controlled. Imagine walking down the street and suddenly want to text someone, so you just put your toe on the brakes, and the stroller stops, and you save time as well. Crazy, isn’t it.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

Yes, you can take this stroller to any amusement park. It saves space as it is small and folding. It meets all the requirements and restrictions of Disney world. But one thing holding my thoughts back is that it has no canopy.
It is also 3 point harness, which is unsafe, and the seats are too thin to carry too much weight. It is portable but cannot say that it is strong.

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

4. Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Side by Side Stroller

  • 5 point harness.
  • 149 degree reclined seats.
  • Window in canopy.
  • Parking breaks.


  • Peek a boo window in the canopy.
  • Rear braking system.
  • Strong, Tall, & Lightweight.
  • Great spacing underneath.
  • One-hand folding.


  • No suspensions.
  • Small pockets.
  • Does not have a food tray.

Even though it’s a double stroller, it is still lightweight, like 32lbs. It is just as if you had two strollers, and you glue them together under one canopy and over four pairs of wheels. I am saying that because they both have their separate cup holders, each has a different basket and its safety harness, and surprisingly both seats have an independent seat reclining as well.

The idea of having both of your kids, whether twins or not, in one stroller is amazing as two strollers will consume a lot of space, and it will be costly. If you think that it will be hard to fold, well, it’s not. It’s just one hand fold; you just need to push the button. This could be the best double stroller for Disney that can help your twins to relax.

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Baskets and Pockets:

Again, you need space, and in this case, you need double space for your two kids. For that, X2 Double Stroller has two baskets for each child. Incompatibly the pockets are a bit too small.

Comfortable or not?

Well, yes, it is. It has 149 degrees reclined and padded seats so your child can nap inside. It’s incredibly comfortable and has excellent back support for your child, and it has a footrest, separate for each side along separate seat reclining.

Furthermore, the canopy is adjustable, which means complete sun protection, no matter what direction it is and; it is small but a massive help for the parents, a peek-a-boo window in the canopy. This means you don’t have to disturb your child again and again by re-adjusting the canopy just to check if they are ok. You can peek through the window.


Joovy Scooter X2 has four pairs of solid rubber tires, creating excellent stability, easy to maneuver, and even sealed bearing, which is great for pushing the stroller. But my concern is, what if the stroller hits a rock or a bump? There is no suspension.

I don’t know if it falls under the same category, but I guess the bumper bar in it is quite a lifesaver. Mostly it is used by the kid for just holding, but in case of bumps, it will protect your child from falling out.

It is dangerous because balancing one single stroller might be easy, but one with two kids is risky. There are rear parking breaks; not all umbrella strollers have that. If you immediately press the breaks in case of bumps, it will prevent you from falling.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

Yes, you can take Joovy Scooter X2 to Disney World. It has excellent spacing; it is tall, easy to fold, and also easy to maneuver. The only thing which makes me hesitate is non-suspension wheels, but then there is a bumper bar that protects your child from falling. So I cannot think of any other reason for not taking it to Disney World.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultra-light Jogging Stroller

5. Joovy Zoom 360 Ultra-light Jogging Stroller, Black:

  • Aluminum frame work.
  • Air-filled triers.
  • Lockable front swivel wheel.
  • Peek a boo window.


  • Lightweight 25.71 pounds.
  • It has a wheel suspension .
  • Swivel front wheel.
  • 2 Cup holders and a basket.
  • Five point harness.
  • Adjustable reclined, wide seats.
  • Adjustable handle.


  • Less storage space.
  • Less headroom in the canopy.

Is it Portable and comfortable, or not?

Yes, it can be said that 360 Ultra-light is both portable and comfortable mostly because it is 25.7 pounds only, and with that much less weight, it can still accommodate a child from 15 to 75 pounds.

The canopy is adjustable and so in the reclining. The seats are wide so that the child can freely move inside it, but the safety belts are a bit too tight, which is a good thing as there is no bumper bar.

It is easy to fold; you just need to pull the handle and then release the lever. It is a two-hand job, so you have to leave your child for a bit. The dimensions, even after and before folding, are marvelous, which makes it easier to store. There is a removable strap that you can attach to it after folding and hanging it somewhere around.

Canopy is adjustable and provides shade up to the knees, but there is less headroom, so I recommend not using it for your tall child as his/her head will continuously bump with the top.

Is it suitable for tall parents?

It is not for tall kids but is suitable for tall parents as you can adjust the handle according to your height.


It has a basket and other pockets, but just because it’s a jogger, its pockets are not so big. They were designed to only store stuff for just jogging, not for a long trip. However, they are strong. If you stuff extra things in it, they won’t rip off.

Super Cool Wheels:

Unlike other umbrella strollers, there are only three wheels in this stroller. They are air-filled and are made of rubber. So there is a slight chance of puncture in the wheel, but the least company can do about that was to provide you with an accessory of the air pump, and yes, they do give you that.

The wheels are swiveled, which means it is an easy maneuver. They are also shock absorbent. This is something to count on, as there is no bumper bar to protect while bumping.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

Yes, it is suitable for a trip to Disney World. It has great wheels, smooth push, tall and perfect in many other aspects but the only thing is that it cannot store too much stuff. That might be a problem for a mother who likes to prepare themselves for every situation, but otherwise, it is highly recommended for such a trip.

Its dimension meets all the restrictions and requirements of Disney world, so it might not be a wrong purchase.

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

6. Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller

  • 5 point harness.
  • Air-filled rubber tiers.
  • Leather detailing.
  • Made with polyester and rubber.


  • Easy to fold & Lightweight.
  • Padded seats.
  • It’s 44 inch tall.
  • Peek a boo window.
  • Bumper bar for safety.
  • Adjustable reclining.


  • Bit Pricey.
  • Small Baskets.

City Mini GT2 Stroller is not so heavy; it is 28.6 pounds and can carry kids from 4 to 65 pounds, which is a bit less accommodation depending on its weight and price. Its height is somewhat satisfying, 44 inches, and it doesn’t even have an adjustable handle. So, Cannot recommend it to tall people.

It has easy-folding; you need to pull the strap on top and leave the rest on the stroller. In a way, it is one-hand folding and also easy to carry because of the strap.

The seats are padded, and reclining is adjustable, making the environment in the stroller soothing. It was made sure that your child’s comfort zone stays the same way it is at home.

The harness is up to 5 points, which is good but hard to use. The button on the buckle is way too hard to press. Somehow it can be considered safe as the child cannot put too much pressure on it; hence he cannot unbuckle himself.

The canopy is wide and has a lot of space in the headrest, which means your child can grow into it. The exciting feature in the canopy is the peek a boo window with magnetic covers. It is kind of cool and helpful as you don’t have to hold the cover.


Storage inside the stroller is not so much. It can carry a few important things, but not all of them. One of the reasons why strollers have a basket underneath is to keep a diaper bag in it. But it’s impossible as there is a rod in between blocking your way.

Let’s say somehow you manage to keep it; how will you take it back out?


The front wheel is swiveled, and it is the only one with shocks, which makes maneuvering easy and smooth but quite unstable as it only has three wheels, and if the first one absorbs the bump, there is still a likely chance of the back to wheels to suffer through it.

Can we take this stroller to Disney Land?

Yes, we can take this stroller to Disney world, but it has the issue of storage. Only the front wheel having sock suspension is also a bit unconvincing. Otherwise, this product can be taken to the Disney world as it meets all rules.

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

7. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller, Sit and Stand, Tandem Stroller, Turquoise

  • 5 point harness.
  • Rear caboose seat.
  • Aluminum and polyester made.
  • 3 position recline


  • Lightweight 22 pounds.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Extendable canopy.
  • Rear breaks & back seat.
  • 4 Wheel suspension.


  • 2 inches headroom in the canopy.
  • Loose harness.
  • Caboose is small.

Firstly, Ultralight Graphite is lightweight, 22 pounds, and can easily accommodate a child with weight up to 90 lbs. It is also easy to fold and becomes portable after folding that can easily fit inside the car’s trunk.

It has two years warranty, which is quite long as toddlers grow like every day and have a 5 point harness. But the problem is that the harness is a bit loose, which might lead to a few accidents as it doesn’t even have a bumper bar.

The food tray and the footrest came as an accessory like they’re not attached by default. It is quite handy as you can take it off, which makes the stroller’s size smaller.

The best feature of this stroller is the cabooses seating. Cabooses seating means to have an extra seat at the back. It is there for your older child, so he/she can also relax and don’t get tired at Disney land.

The canopy is expandable for both sides, back and front. It is beneficial; especially when it rains unexpectedly; you can cover both of your kids in the stroller and rush back home. There is only one problem with the canopy: it has only 2 inches extra headroom, so it will not be surprising that your child’s head might start bumping with the canopy sooner or later.

Furthermore, the seat is padded and has three positions reclining. You can adjust it to whatever position your child feels most comfortable in.


It has front swivel wheels, which make it super easy to maneuver. My favorite thing about the wheels is that all four sets have suspension. It makes the ride not just smooth but also safe as there is no bumper bar, and the harness is a bit loose as well.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

Yes, the Sit and Stand Tandem Stroller can be taken to Disney world as it will provide an extra seat for your older yet young child. It is lightweight and is tall enough. 4 wheel suspensions are a treat for the parents as it helps them stroll easily and for the child, they fall out.

Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Large Sun Canopy

8. Kolcraft Cloud Lightweight Umbrella Stroller with Large Sun Canopy, Scarlet Red

  • Foldable back cover.
  • Foam padded handle.
  • 4 wheel suspension.
  • Extra-large Cupholder.



  • Lightweight.
  • Extendable canopy.
  • Foldable back cover (inside).
  • Affordable.


  • No padded seat.
  • No reclining.

It is easy folding and is extra lightweight, 9.5 pounds, and amazingly can carry a child with a maximum weight of 18.8 pounds. You can even carry it on your back, and it won’t hurt at all.

It has an expandable canopy, which provides adequate sun protection, and one of my favorite features is that the back cover can be folded upwards from inside. It allows ventilation to take place and keeps your sweat-free.

Moreover, a folded cover can provide good support for your child’s head. The thing missing from this stroller is padded seating. Because of the absence of this, the child may not be comfortable.


Well, there is hardly any extra storage in this stroller. There is only one gigantic cup holder and a small basket underneath, which can hardly carry a diaper bag.


There are four sets of wheels, and all have suspension so that your child can take a harmless ride.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

You can take this stroller as it meets all Disney Policies, but you should think about considering some other stroller as this one might make your child uncomfortable, and he/she might end up crying the entire trip.

UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Pascal

9. UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller, Pascal (Grey):

  • 5 point harness.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Adjustable footrest.
  • One-hand folding.



  • Affordable & Lightweight.
  • 3 position reclined seat.
  • 4 wheels suspension.
  • Easy fold.
  • Cupholder included.


  • Recommended for 3 months old only.
  • No window in the canopy.

G-LUXE Stroller is lightweight, 15 pounds, can carry a child with a maximum weight of 55 pounds. It is tall and has adjustable handles, so that it is recommended for tall people.

It is easy to fold as you just need to pull on the strap and your work is done. It has a reclined seat with 3 different positions. So you can adjust it to your child’s comfort. The seats are even padded and have a great backrest, providing your child with good posture.

The footrest is adjustable with the height of your child. Somehow, the canopy is not adjustable and provides shade up to the knees of your child. There is no window in the canopy, but there is not even a need for one as the canopy doesn’t even cover that much that you will need a window to look at your child.


There is a great storage space underneath the seat, and you can store your child’s diaper bag and toys. It does not have extra pockets, so the basket is the only storage option you have.


All four wheels have suspension, which will give a smooth push and will make the ride less dangerous. It has a rear braking system that helps from falling. You should avoid putting heavy stuff at the stroller’s back as the wheels are small and have fewer grips on the floor, which gives the stroller a slight chance of falling backward.

Is it suitable for the trip to Disney world?

Yes, it is suitable for the trip to Disney World as it meets all Disney world requirements. For parents, it is tall and has good space and canopy as well.

Besrey Lightweight Airplane Stroller Compact Buggy

10. Besrey Lightweight Airplane Stroller Compact Buggy:

  • 5 point harness.
  • Instant button fold.
  • Reclined seat.
  • Aluminum and steel framework.



  • Adjustable safety belt & canopy.
  • Peek a boo window.
  • Comes with rain cover.
  • Padded seats.
  • Lightweight .


  • No food tray.
  • No wheel suspension.
  • Small storage space.

Besrey Lightweight Stroller is 15 pound, and surprisingly can accommodate a child from 5 to 33 pounds. It has a steel framework, which makes it strong.

One of my favorite features is one button fold; you just press the button and fold it. After folding, its size shrinks to this much that it can even fit in the plane’s overhead luggage.

Besrey made sure not to compromise on our child’s comfort. It has 5 point harness and padded seats for backrest. Even the canopy is adjustable, but it has no window, so it will be trouble keeping an eye on your sleeping angel.


Storage in the basket is a bit less, so you can only carry one diaper bag hardly. Otherwise, it’s great.


It has four pairs of rubber wheels. They have a fantastic grip on the ground and are easy to maneuver, but it doesn’t have wheel suspension, so you might have to walk on eggshells while strolling.

Is it suitable for a trip to Disney World?

Yes, Besrey Lightweight Stroller is suitable for a trip to Disney World. It meets all requirements for such a trip. It lightweight and is perfect, dimension-wise as well. It easily folds, which means it is portable and easy to carry.

Final Verdict:

Carrying a stroller might be a job, especially when you’re on the trip to Disney Land, but it is a hundred times better to have your own than to rent because renting a stroller at Disney world might end up expensive, and what if something happens to the rented one. That will be a huge problem. So it is better to have your own as no one is aware of the future. So please choose the best fit for yourself and your child from our list of best strollers for Disney 2021. These all are Disney approved strollers so not to worry about the policies, just select one.

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